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Lebih dari 300 pemain tidak masuk akal telah melakukan omong kosong selama sekitar satu jam di California


Guido Metzger, sekarang direktur operasi kasino untuk semua properti Boyd Gaming di pusat kota Las Vegas, dengan jelas mengingat malam tanggal 28 Mei 1989. Ini adalah tanggal yang sekarang dirayakan di California Hotel Casino di pusat kota Las Vegas di mana “Cal Club” Stanley Fujitake biasa memegang dadu selama tiga jam enam menit yang menakjubkan. […]

Super computer designed by researcher Carnegie Mellon Adu Play Poker

Super computers designed by Carnegie Mellon Researchers Play Poker – Artificial intelligence could beat human intelligence. This is the question that researchers at Carnegie Mellon University want to answer. They are fighting the intelligence of the human brain and intelligence in a poker game. For this experiment, researchers took Doug Polk, 26,. He is the […]

US Efforts To Make Online Poker Better

The lobbying effort to get online poker legalized in this country is getting stronger. The poker lobby is sustained by a multi-million dollar offshore gambling company based in Antigua, Malta, as well as several other foreign holy sites. Lobbying efforts have been successful to some extent with the Obama administration agreeing to delay the implementation […]

Alleged Poker Fraud Mike Postle Demands the Poker Community

The case against Mike Postle’s alleged poker cheating was dropped in early June with the majority of the plaintiffs agreeing to a settlement with Stones Gambling Hall and its tournament director Justin Kuraitis, who are in charge of the live broadcast. Now, Postle is embarking on a legal battle of his own, suing many of […]